Sylvia Esther Gyan

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Ghana. In my current position, I am teaching courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These include Research Methods, Quantitative Social Research Methods, as well as Culture and Reproductive Health. In addition to teaching, I also have expertise in conducting high quality research using the mixed method approach. I have conducted extensive research on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and my research focuses on understanding adolescents’ contraceptive needs in Ghana. In my recent research, I applied the theory of gender and power to explore adolescents non(use) of modern contraceptives in Ghana. Currently, I am collaborating with a researcher in the Global North to undertake a dynamic assessment of the sexual exploitation and sexual health inequalities phenomena among street children and marginalized youth in Ghana and Nigeria.


Doing global sociology for me is a great opportunity to bring to the fore perspectives from the Global South to the development of a global perspective to social phenomenon, especially given that the perspective of the Global North has dominated the analysis of social phenomenon.