This network seeks to advance innovations in sociological theory based on transregional analysis and qualitative research in the social worlds of the Global South.




Below you will find the programs for our workshops:
November 29–December 2, 2023

„Gender, Health and Sexuality - Perspectives from Global Sociology”

In La Plata (Argentina) in collaboration with the La Plata National University. Keynote speakers: • Prof. Dr. Juan Piovani (University of La Plata) • Prof. Dr. Mario Pecheny (University of Buenos Aires) • Prof. Dr. Rachel Rinaldo (University of Colorado Boulder)

February 15–18, 2023

„Global Sociology and Comparative Urbanism”

In Accra (Ghana) in collaboration with the University of Ghana. Keynote speakers: • Prof. Dr. Steve Tonah (University of Ghana) • Prof. Dr. AbdouMaliq Simone (University of Sheffield) • Prof. Dr. Michael Okyerefo (University of Ghana)

September 26–30, 2022

German Sociological Association, Bielefeld (Germany)

„Doing Global Sociology“ in „Polarized Worlds“: Methodological Approaches from Qualitative Social Research at the 41st congress of the German Sociological Association.

May 18–21, 2022

„Doing Global Sociology: Methodology and Theory after the Postcolonial Critique”

At the Historic Observatory in Göttingen (Germany). In collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. Keynote speakers: • Prof. Dr. Renata Campos Motta (FU Berlin) • Prof. Dr. Sari Hanafi (AU Beirut) • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rosenthal (University of Göttingen) • Prof. Dr. Elísio Macamo (University of Basel)

September 20, 2021

Follow-up Workshop

In this workshop, we delved right into the three thematic dimensions of our network: • (1) health, gender and sexuality, • (2) families, biographies and generation, and • (3) space, architecture and urbanism. In the thematic groups, we identified key issues which we will be discussing in our first face-to-face meeting in May 2022, i.e. comparison, positionality, translation and contested knowledges/concepts.

April 9, 2021

Kick-off Workshop with our guests Raewyn Connell and Saïd Arjomand

The pandemic forced us to hold the first two network meetings online. We opened our joined work by two impressive talks by Raewyn Connell and Saïd Arjomand. • Raewyn Connell: “Transforming Sociological Theory from the Periphery: Some attempts, and some futures” • Saïd Arjomand: “World regions and the unpacking of multiple modernities: A pluralistic view of global sociological theory”