Social Scientist, epidemiologist

Martín Di Marco

I obtained my Ph.D. in Social Sciences (Buenos Aires University), M.Sc. in Epidemiology (Lanús National University), and B.A. in Sociology (Buenos Aires University). My current research is focused on the study of life stories and trajectories of men who have committed intentional homicide (homicide or femicide) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to the complexity of this phenomenon, I developed an interdisciplinary approach drawing from several disciplines, including socio-cultural epidemiology, narrative criminology, and sociology of violence. I am keenly interested in unwrapping the narrative reconstruction of these lives, understanding the processes that shape how physical violence is learned and signified, and discussing the methodological specificities of qualitative research on this topic.
Doing global sociology for me means connecting and framing local research within the regional and international scenario of social sciences, and acknowledging that academia follows trends which must be scrutinized and analyzed in order to produce critical research.