Sociologist, ethnographer

Fabio Santos

I work across disciplines and regions, currently as guest professor at the Department of Global Studies, Aarhus University, and as postdoc at the Institute for Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin. I also held a guest professorship in International Development at the University of Vienna. After graduating in European Ethnology as well as Cultural History and Theory (HU Berlin), I studied Sociology at FU Berlin, where I also earned my doctorate within the German-Mexican Graduate School “Between Spaces: Actors, Movements and Representations of Globalization”. I credit this interdisciplinary trajectory for my ability and enjoyment of looking at entanglements otherwise silenced by disciplinary divisions of tasks and world regions. Broadly speaking, my research is concerned with social inequalities and cultural representations in our global age – vast fields in which I focus on contested borders, belongings, mobilities and memories. One example of this approach is my monograph on the French-Brazilian borderland. It was, at the latest, my fieldwork in this supposedly “remote” region that prompted me to think globally and sociologically – no longer a contradiction, as the DFG network wonderfully illustrates.
Doing global sociology for me means to hold “undisciplined” conversations integrating knowledges produced by differently positioned people from across the world. A constant and collective exercise in relational memory, intersectionality and decoloniality, sociology gone global reconnects the ties cut by dominant Eurocentric and methodologically nationalist research traditions. In doing so, global sociology has the potential to adequately understand and tackle the entangled inequalities with which our world has been fraught.