Urban sociologist

Hannah Schilling

I am a postdoctoral member of the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. I studied social sciences in Marburg, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. Trained as urban sociologist, my research focuses on urban livelihoods and inequalities in global perspective. In this context, the digital transformation and blurring boundaries of work and non-work in cities are of particular interest to me. In 2019, I completed my dissertation, funded by the DFG, in the context of the International Research Training Group “The World in the City” at the Center for Metropolitan Studies at Technical University Berlin. My doctoral work discusses urban precarity of young gig workers in a comparative perspective as a way to develop a global sociology of urban livelihoods:
Doing global sociology for me means to bring into the picture what matters for an invisibilized majority, the many people whose life worlds do not fit into the Eurocentric gaze of modern sociological thought. It means to build knowledge about societies starting from their stories and perspectives. Doing global sociology unravels the embeddedness of seemingly objective concepts to describe our worlds – their embeddedness into histories and standpoints from which they are developed and circulated.
The members of our network write and think about societal dynamics from a variety of standpoints. I think this is an excellent starting ground for a qualitative global sociology “in the making”: I am looking forward to un-learn together the usual analytical frameworks, to connect lived experiences that we observe in different localities and to innovate conceptual thinking and lenses through which we describe our contemporary world.
* Photo: Photographic Berlin – Vivian Werk