Political scientist

Gérard Amougou

I am a teacher at the political science department of the University of Yaoundé II and a researcher at the Center for Study and Research in Administrative and Political Dynamics (CERDAP, Yaoundé II), at the Paul Ango Ela Foundation (Yaoundé) and at OMER (ULiège). I am also a guest researcher at CriDIS/SMAG (UCL), laureate of the African Postdoctoral Pilot Academy (PAPA), and recently engaged in the “Cool infrastructure” research program. My research focuses mainly on human rights and political development in Cameroon, emergence policies, youth and the individualization/subjectivation dialectic. Recently, I have also explored the responses of urban populations to the rise in heat in Yaoundé. Finally, I am generally approaching my research from the biographical and comprehensive view.
Doing global sociology for me means better understanding why and how the process of globalization invites us to “think globally” (Morin, Wieviorka, Beck, Bauman, Rocher). It is also about testing the concepts forged from Western cultural experience from African material and, in doing so, exploring to what extent the social dynamics of the South inform global processes. In this, this networking allows us to better appreciate how different works carried out in diverse contexts resonate with each other and improve our knowledge of our universe.