Arne Worm

I am a sociologist and postdoctoral researcher at the Center of Methods in Social Sciences, University of Göttingen. I have worked in various projects on the interdependence of social transformation in contexts of the “Global South,” socio-political conflicts and collective violence, biographies and belonging, as well as migration and displacement. My Ph.D. thesis (completed in 2019) deals with processes of refugee migration from the violent conflict in Syria. Currently, I work in the project “Biographies of migrants from Syria and West Africa in Brazil and in Germany” (2019–2022, funded by the German Research Foundation). My research interests include biographical research, figurational sociology, global inequality, sociology of refugee migration, and transregional/transnational networks.
Doing global sociology for me means addressing questions about the challenges and the need to re-think and re-do practicing sociology in the context of complexly interwoven social histories and social realities, diversity of perspectives, and hierarchies of knowledge and knowledge production – especially on the level of empirical research as well as academic dialogue and exchange.